Meet Crazy Dad!

Chris Rasmussen, CEO/Founder of Crazy Dad’s® Kitchen Products

Hi, I'm Chris Rasmussen, CEO and founder of Gajjitz, Inc., which owns the Crazy Dad’s® line of kitchen products. Yes, I’m Crazy Dad, a moniker my wife and children gave me. They may think I'm crazy, but I keep trying to prove that I'm sane. So far, I'm failing. :-)

In 2016, while studying for my second master’s degree from home, it seemed I was surrounded by my (then 6) cats 24/7. They LOVE their canned food, and I was dishing it out to them constantly. Update: Now, I have 4. (My son took Taz and Boots!)

Problem was, I couldn’t get all the food and sauces out of the cans. I used forks; they were terrible. Spoons were better, but still didn’t do the trick. Spatulas were just too damn big, thick, or stiff.

All I wanted was to serve my cats all the food — especially the sauce and gravy they desperately loved.

After scouring the internet for a small can scraper, I came up empty, so I did what any serial entrepreneur/marketer would do: I started a business!

In the meantime, I hired an awesome product designer, and we went to work together to develop CatSpat™ 1.0, previously dubbed the Mini-Spatula. Obviously, they were great with cat food cans, but I found a lot of non-pet uses as well, including greatly speeding up the recycling process, something else I am "crazy" about. (They're also great for typical kitchen use – but don't mix them up!)

So where did this journey really all start, you may ask? My mom, who passed away in early 2020, got a degree in home economics. She taught me and my 3 brothers how to cook. My dad, also deceased, was a chemist, but he could cook and bake along with the best of them. One of my childhood memories is that he would spend whatever amount of time he needed to get EVERY LAST BIT of food out of cans — even tomato sauce that most people would give up on and rinse down the drain. They both would have been so proud to see these scrapers, which I created in their honor, come to fruition.

Mom and Dad, way back when... I honor both of them with my invention.

Now, I have a bunch of Crazy Dad’s ideas in the queue, but we're now officially for sale here and on Amazon! Hopefully, you will be able to pick one up at your favorite retailer soon, so let them know you want them.