Frequently Asked Questions

Are these dishwasher safe? 

Absolutely! Not only is it safe for the dishwasher, it doesn't become tacky or lose its color or shape even after years of cleaning. And if you want us to take this farther, the type of material used is rated at 450° F for 10,000+ hours. That's over double the temperature of a dishwasher. In fact, if your Mini-Spatula ever becomes damaged in a dishwasher, just send us a picture and we'll send you a replacement.

Are these spatulas BPA-free?

The quick answer is yes, they're BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free because they're made of FDA food-grade silicone. Technically, you could even eat with them! Thanks for this excellent question, because toxicants in plastics and rubber materials are very common nowadays. Food-grade silicone is a premium substance, hence products made from it will likely be more expensive than others. To steer clear of potentially toxic compounds and fillers, beware of cheap alternatives!

Can they be used to scramble eggs or do a stir-fry?

Yes, they’re actually excellent for these uses, but just make sure they don’t come into contact with flame for too long or set them down for any length of time on the edge of a hot pan. They are rated to withstand thousands of hours of 450-degree heat! 

What is the unusual design on the handle end?

Glad you noticed. That part allows you to elevate pull-top tabs – so this Mini-Spatula can even assist with getting into your food cans. We made this design to assist people with long (or almost no) fingernails, or who have mobility issues or joint pain. Yes, these Mini-Spatulas can even assist with beverage cans! 

I already have a lot of spatulas. Why should I add this to my collection?

We have lots of spatulas also. These are more eco-friendly and less wasteful, as they can get almost every bit of food, sauces (like specialty Chinese hoisin, etc.), sticky stuff, gravy, or condiments, out of small or medium-sized cans or jars. If you have pets and serve wet food, especially the gravy/sauce/meaty bit/shreds kinds, this is the tool for you.

I'm sensitive to noise and can’t stand scraping noises of any kind. Will these help?

Absolutely. Some people are freaked out by sounds that are even close to fingernails on a chalkboard, and working at cans with spoons and forks or even hard plastic utensils is maddening. Crazy Dad’s spatulas are almost completely silent.

Can these be damaged by the sharp lip around cans?

This is a great question. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that these were designed to slip under those super-sharp lips on cans of pet food, soup, etc. to minimize any damage. If you keep the blade end under the lip, these will last forever. If you’re not careful, you’ll get a bit of wear and tear around the top of the blade. This won’t usually affect performance much (if at all), but if you’re not careful, over time you might want to get a replacement. Note that we’ve been using these for years and haven’t thrown one out due to damage.

Any ways these could be damaged?

Sure. They should not be heated in a microwave because they have a stainless-steel insert. They should be kept out of garbage disposals for basically the same reason, as both the utensil and the disposal could potentially be damaged. One last thing: you shouldn’t allow a dog to chew on them. Licking by pets (or humans!) is fine. Biting is a no-no.

Can these be used in soft plastic containers, such as yogurt? 

We actually LOVE using these for eating yogurt – although the blade is relatively flat, it holds a small amount of yogurt fairly well. I wouldn’t recommend using them for this purpose in a moving vehicle – and certainly not while driving! You’ll never waste any bit of yogurt again – even from those weird-shaped containers that keep coming out.

Why the square blade design? Almost every other spatula I’ve seen is curved in some way.

Aha, don't tell anyone, but that’s our secret sauce. Strangely enough, our thin, flat blades are more efficient at removing food than other spatula designs. This design feature is actually part of a patent we've applied for. When you think about it, those other spatula curves don’t ever fit containers that you want to use them in! Also, the blade design allows you to get in all the nooks, crannies and recesses in the cans you use. Those last bits of food can add up over time! The real trick is to use the right materials so that not having a round edge is immaterial (if you'll pardon the pun).

I struggle to clean peanut butter jars. Are Crazy Dad's Mini-Spatulas food for that?

Yes, absolutely, as long as they aren’t too huge. You’ll be able to get almost every bit of peanut butter off the sides and around the jar opening. It might be a little more difficult getting peanut butter off of the bottom, but if you put your mind to it, we think you’ll be quite pleased with the results.

What about larger spatula sizes?

We’re working on them. They’ll be similar, but with some design “twists” that we think you’ll like. Get one of these (at least), and before long you’ll see other designs become available.

Can these be used for beauty products?

Absolutely, as long as the 1.25-inch blade can fit inside. Technically, you should be able to cut them down without a problem with a pair of heavy-duty scissors or an Xacto knife, but if you have any suggestions for something, you can let us know. We know that some are using these spatulas to get all the cold cream out of a jar. We even have a photo of this. 

What about other cylindrical applications such as smoothie containers or coffee grinders?

These are perfect for these uses. Any greasiness that might accumulate during use will wash off in the dishwasher.

How do you clean these?

Regular handwashing with regular dish soap or automatic dishwashing is fine. They don't deteriorate or become brittle over time. If you get a lot of food caked on them (which happens to us a lot with cat food), simply soaking them in warm water will speed up the cleaning process.

Can I use these with stuff like butter and bacon grease?

Crazy Dad’s Mini-Spatulas are so pliable that they scrape almost every drop of bacon fat out of a skillet or off a griddle, so you can stop wasting all those paper towels. Scrape the bacon grease into a jar to refrigerate for later use. Later you can even use the spatula to transfer the fat back to a heating skillet. (Don’t forget that you can even cook scrambled eggs in them because they are heat-resistant up to 450°F.) Regular spatulas are often too hard and too inflexible to do this without incurring a lot of waste. You’ll get all the fat out of the jar, too, eventually, saving on dishwashing liquid and hot water – or paper towels.