Hey, Cooks, Here's Why Your Spatulas Suck!

Wooden Spatulas
Wooden spatulas and scrapers. Plastic ones aren't much better.

Think about it...

  1. They're too hard. Almost all spatula blades don't "squish" enough to get all the food scraped out. 

  2. They're too big. Think about it. They don't work in small cans, jars, bowls, or other containers. 

  3. They take a lot of effort. They don't turn in your hand, and they only work in one direction, ruining your productivity.

Why own Crazy Dad's Mini-Spatulas?

  • You'll stop wasting food, especially:
    • Canned wet pet food
    • Sauces
    • Gravies
    • Bacon fat, cream cheese, butter, etc. (See short video, below!)
    • Other viscous foods like honey, jams, and jellies

This video (no audio — just captions) is meant to show how much food the Mini-Spatula saves that would otherwise be wasted.
It's not a speed demonstration by any means.

  • You'll stop wasting time.
    • Get food out of containers fast!
    • Streamline recycling.
  • You'll stop wasting water.
  • You'll stop using regular utensils like spoons for jobs they weren't designed to do.
  • You'll feel a lot better about yourself.
  • If you have pets, they'll love licking up every last bit of food!

In a few more seconds, this can will be clean enough to go directly into the recycling bin.
Nothing else in your kitchen works as well as a Crazy Dad's Mini-Spatula.
Plus, the blade fits under the pull-top rim.

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