For Pet Owners Only

Note to human: 
Quit washing our food down the drain! 

If you feed your cat or dog wet food, you know one thing: they love the sauces, the gravies, and even that gelatinous stuff that surrounds paté. (Although this goopy stuff might look a bit gross, it nourishes them and helps them stay hydrated, especially in the summer months.)

Don’t deprive your precious pets of all those satisfying, delicious licks! Get the Crazy Dad's Mini-Spatula instead. Need proof about how well it works? Watch below as it cleans cat food cans in just a few seconds:


The Crazy Dad's Mini-Spatula quickly removes 99.99% of cat food from two common-sized cans, leaving them ready for recycling.

Check out our store HERE — and before you know it, you'll be giving your pets all the extra licks they deserve!