Features and Benefits

What makes Crazy Dad’s Mini-Spatulas unique?

  • FDA food-grade polymer withstands heat up to 450°F and retains perfect flexibility

  • Soft, squeegee-like blade allows for fast food extraction of all kinds — even patés

  • Ergonomic, comfortable handle that allows you to pry up pull-top tabs — for those who have long or very short fingernails, or have joint stiffness.

  • Embedded stainless steel insert adds rigidity to handle

  • Bidirectional, square blade allows for whole-can cleaning, even above the razor-sharp lip.

  • Perfectly fits 3.0- and 5.5-oz food cans, including cat food and dog food cans, and almost all smaller jars

How do they work?

  • Rapidly cleans cans, including that hard-to-get-at groove along can bottoms

  • Spatula rotates well in hands for both left- and right-handed people

  • Cuts, minces, and scoops

  • Gathers half-eaten pet food and sauces in serving dishes to stop wasteful dry-out


small jar

What would YOU use to get all the food out of this jar?

Check out these other benefits:

  • Virtually eliminates food waste

  • Extremely easy to clean – simply soak in hot water or pop into the dishwasher

  • Helps to consolidate leftover pet food that would otherwise dry out

  • Pets finally get to savor every drop of sauce and gravy, and all the morsels of wet food.

  • Allows for waterless recycling™, so you can save both money and time

  • No pets? Don’t use a lot of small cans or jars? There are dozens of kitchen uses for cooks and bakers, too!

Pick several Mini-Spatulas up here.

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