NEW ARRIVALS: The Scrape&Save™ spatula trifecta!

Our Famous Mini-Spatula

Dishwasher friendly. Kitty friendly. Guaranteed to Get ALL The Food Out™. 

Check It Out

Introducing Our New Line of Premium Spatulas:

For Cans and glass Jars (tomato paste size & up)

For Peanut Butter, jelly, and even mayo jars too

A neutral palette for the simple buyer.

Combining a calming blue & our famous green.

The Crazy Dad’s® brand family

Each one of our custom molded spatula products hyper-targets JUST the right food vessel.

Whether you're making your stomach happy or your kitty's stomach happy - say goodbye to food waste and unnecessary gunk to clean. 

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What Our Customers Say

Must-have for pet owners

"Such a great little tool. If you’re sick of food waste, this is the spatula for you. It gets into all of the ridges of the can to get every piece of food out for your little fur friends. Highly recommend"

Perfect for homecooks!

"I'm a home-cook and there is nothing else like these on the market. Believe me, I've done the research. The more you use these spatulas, the more uses you find for them..."

Gets the can clean!

"Crazy Dad's cat food spatula worked great for us. It effortlessly glides along the walls of tiny Fancy Feast cans to scoop out every last morsel and gravy found within."